Fresno Links is a fun and friendly local website dedicated to the city and county of Fresno, California in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. Our focus is hyper local and our passion for the Central Valley is genuine because we live here too! Here is our mailing address and button you can click to email us directly…

P.O. Box 4963
Fresno, CA 93744

About the city of Fresno

Fresno has many times proven its resiliency and ability to adapt. In 2019, we hit a 30-year low in unemployment. Despite the challenges of 2020, the city is starting 2021 with a balanced budget and employment is on its way to recovery.

About Fresno County

Fresno County is the heart of California; home to a diverse community, all of whom have a deep pride in our area—and once you’re here, it’s easy to see why. We have something to offer everyone: from thrilling outdoor adventures and affordable family-friendly activities to the heartland of farm-to-fork dining and unique shopping and entertainment. Whether you’re here with family and friends or out on a solo journey, when you stay in Fresno metropolitan area, you really can experience it all.