Fresno is a little bigger.

So, you may have heard the news that California lost enough of its population (182,000) to lose a congressional seat (still don’t know how trustworthy that is, cause, 2020 Census was conducted under Trump administration). That’s not a very big loss, but nevertheless, still a decline. Most large cities also saw that loss reflected in their population as well, such as San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. But not all their losses necessarily left the state.

Fresno saw its population increase by a little over 1% (6400), and it’s not the only one. Clovis, Tracy, Merced, Los Banos, and Manteca have seen an increase as well, starting from 2.4%. It makes me giddy knowing that the Central Valley is getting some love; after all, it is substantially cheaper to live here than in bigger cities, and we’re never too far from anything. And there’s so many great things here, from wine, the proximity to Yosemite National Forest, agriculture, history, et cetera. Maybe we can stop calling Fresno a little city soon.

Image Credit: Grant Porter on Unsplash, Sources: Fresno Bee, Sac Bee