Fresno State’s Tail Gate Red review

I’ll be honest, I’ve only heard bad things about Fresno State wine. Of course, I cannot judge wines simply from hearsay, especially if said wine is relatively inexpensive and accessible (if it’s pricey or hard to obtain, I’m definietely relying on good reviews or must be in a horribly good mood). So, while browsing around in Costco, I stumbled upon Fresno State’s Tailgate Red. Its name refers to the practice of tailgating at football games.

Appropriately, the wine is inexpensive, diverse in flavor (owing to the fact it’s a wine blend) and palatable in general, as it’s neither too sweet or too dry. The red wine blend starts off tart, with the taste being that of grape juice mixed in with other fruits. Afterwards, the wine has undecided flavors of plum, black pepper and oak. Unfortunately, this specific wine is no longer being sold, but it does at least prove to me that Fresno State’s red wines aren’t bad.