Fresno’s Cooling Centers

Apparently, Fresno has four cooling centers (or pools), which open whenever the weather forecasts temperatures of over 105 °F (for weekends, if either day is projected to reach 105+ °F , then the centers will remain open both days). The centers may open even if the forecast is below 105 °F, so long as it’s apparent the temperature will or already has exceeded 105 °F. The centers may open for any reason concerning public health or if there’s prolonged intense heat that isn’t necessarily 105 °F.

Fresno’s public transport system, Fresno Area Express, (FAX) will be providing free rides to the cooling centers so long as passengers state so to the driver. The centers, if activated, will be open from 1pm to 7pm. Below are their addresses.

Because we’re still in the pandemic, mask wearing, social distancing, sanitization and health screening guidelines will be followed. Protective facial coverings will be provided for all visitors. Recreational equipment and games in the centers will not be available. Pets (except service animals) won’t be allowed, so don’t bring them along; instead, leave them at home with plenty of shading and water.