Fresno’s overpriced houses

The dream for anybody is to ultimately own a house, so that they can finally stop sending money into the void for renting. With a house, one can finally consider owning a plug-in hybrid or EV for charging in the convenience and safety of home. But man, houses are crazy expensive in Fresno. Quite to the south and west of Fresno in a mostly rural area on 4280 W Olive, there sits an old house built in 1970; what’s more appealing is the lack of adjacent houses and a sizable amount of empty land, totaling to one acre. It’s okay, nothing amazing or particularly striking.

Guess that price? Built in 2004?

The price? $425K. Almost half a million for an ordinary house sandwiched between farmland in an unimpressive area. Yikes. Not affordable to the average person, but more likely an equity power bank for someone looking to make money (you’d be surprised how much the value of houses in Fresno increases in time). The same goes for other counties in the Central Valley. The house pictured above, in Visalia, sold for a whopping $800K. I remember naive little kid me, thinking that you could so much with one million dollars. Not here.