Outdoor water use schedule: New changes

As you know, much of California, including Fresno, has seen a worsening drought problem this past year. Fresno has had a 3 day water schedule since last April, but this 3 day water schedule is no longer in effect. Instead, there’s an even more strict water schedule that went into effect at the start of November, and will expire next year at the end March. Residents may now only water on Saturday (odd addresses) or Sunday (even addresses), and never between 10am-6pm. Though it’s been a few days already, it seems to me that many people are not aware of the new schedule.

Hoses must have a nozzle! You could get fined over this. Image Credit: Irene Davila

On top of a strict water schedule, Fresno, as does many other Californian cities, has a list of what you can’t or can do with outdoor water use. A few notable rules are that a water hose cannot be used without a nozzle. Sidewalks, houses, and other paved or exterior objects cannot be cleaned without water (unless only for public health and safety at public gathering places). The same goes for any vehicle as well! See the full comprehensive list here.