Pappy’s Seasoning

Before I met Mike, I wasn’t much of a meat eater; I did not want anything to do with steaks because in my experience, all of them I had tried were tough, sinewy, fatty and flavorless. Turns out, I just never had the right steak, especially one cooked by Mike and seasoned with Pappy’s. Pappy’s Fine Foods is based right here in Fresno, CA. They have a variety of seasonings, but their original is the red capped “Pappy’s Choice“, which also has a healthier lower sodium variant, “Blue Label“, the one Mike uses.

The steak on which this seasoning is used on is tritip, a cut of beef that is popular in California. If you don’t know what it is, the triptip cut is from the bottom sirloin. It’s relatively tender (few tough bits) and lean (I liken it a ‘cheaper’ filet mignon). The usual external slab of fat on a tritip aids in grilling, which allows Pappy’s to work its magic from within and out. The end result is a flavorful, juicy, extraordinarily tender steak with a slight thin crust of seasoning.